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Heat Illness Prevention Program

Management is required to have every Carrier complete the Heat Illness Prevention Program (HIPP) by April 1st of every year. This training is more than a few standups or watching a quick video on your scanner or on a big screen. The complete class is more than 15 minutes long and includes detailed instructions on identifying the signs of heat illness. You should have been trained on preventing heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat syncope, heat cramps, and heat rash just to name a few. And what to do in the event that you are experiencing any of these. The class could have been given individually or in small groups. It should not have been just a stand up.


If this doesn't sound familiar to you, chances are you were never given the training.

Follow the steps below to review your training record. If your record shows that you completed the training course, but you know you did not, please contact your steward or branch officer immediately.

Step 1: Log into your liteblue account

Step 2: Click link for HERO login

Step 3: Click "Assigned Training"

Step 4: Click "Completions"

Step 5: Look for "FY23 Heat Stress Recognition and Prevention" there should be 2 items, one is online class, the other is Curriculum

Step 6: Note the date completed

If you did not complete that training on that date, please screenshot and contact your steward.

This is a very serious issue. Every year carriers nationwide suffer from heat illnesses and are severely affected or even lose their life because of it. This training is designed to prevent these unfortunate events. It is not fair for management to hold us accountable for everything we do while neglecting to give us the training we deserve. Please do your part in helping us to hold management accountable. 


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