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Branch 1100 Safety & Injury Compensation

In 1998 due to the rising number of letter carriers sustaining on the job injuries and the complexity of the Federal Employee Compensation Program, NALC Branch 1100 started its own safety and compensation program with a full-time officer assigned exclusively to handle safety and compensation issues that arise. This program is available to any member of Branch 1100. Services include assisting injured letter carriers completing injury compensation forms, assisting letter carriers with the appeals process with the Department of Labor or any other issue related to the injured employees claim.

If you get injured

Immediately report the injury to your supervisor even if you believe  the issue will resolve itself by walking it off.  Sometime injuries appear minor at first then several hours later what appeared to be minor becomes major.

Right to see your own doctor

Remember if you get injured, management is required to inform you of your right to the medical provider of your choice.

Completing a CA-1 or CA-2

When you complete and turn in a CA-1 or CA-2 always get a receipt to confirm the CA form was submitted.

ECOMP - U.S. Department of Labor (

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